Contract Managing
About eContractHub  –  Contract Management


eContractHub is a simple to use and secure Web and Mobile Based SaaS Contract Lifecycle Management solution that helps people and organisations create, review, negotiate, approve and track contracts all in one central place. As an integrated solution, ECH makes Contract Managing easier task throughout the entire lifecycle.

Most organisations, regardless of their size, create proposals, and enter into agreements on a daily basis. However, very few organisations can quickly locate or even access these Contracts. Having a clear understanding of the terms and commitments of the Contracts can have critical consequences if they are not met.

eContractHub offers a secure cloud-based tool to help stay on top of contractual obligations. The solution enables businesses and organisations to Manage Contracts efficiently, improve business practices and reduce risks caused by Contract-related errors.

eContractHub is available on-premise and as a mobile app on IOS and Android.