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Get to Know Our Team Series: Ferhat Karatay, Developer
I’m excited about Virtual Reality. I believe it’s a new and different experience for customers. For instance, people can try high risks sport activities (especially for those who crave the adrenaline rush) without endangering their lives. Virtual reality technology can increase safety measures and reduce risks by giving people the opportunity to experience things beyond their comfort zone and imagination!
Image of eContractHub's founder, Arif Bay
Get to Know Our Team Series: Arif Bay, Founder
eContractHub exists to improve the way people deal with contracts in all aspects. from preparation to negotiation. While working on that, we are committed to transparency. We know how we can improve the contract lifecycle. We are aware of what we can propose and what we can’t. We continuously improve and evolve our product to keep cost-benefit ratio high. No payment if there is no benefit. That’s why we have a free option with no time limit. We want companies to use eContractHub for free until they see the value of it. Also, It’s not easy to make an investment for small companies so we make it risk free. Our goal is to grow together.
Photo Collage - Day in the Life
Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern at eContractHub
My responsibilities are mainly to do with managing eContractHub’s social media accounts and the overall advertising and promotion activities of the platform. In short, I get to propose and schedule content that goes on our social media profiles. But this also means that I have to know the ins and outs of the platform so that if there are any queries, I can easily address them on social media!